Daffodils honours women entrepreneurs in Ishwardi

Published : 09 Mar 2023 07:00 PM

British-American Tobacco Company's Ishwardi distributor 'Daffodils' celebrated International Women's Day by awarding a crest to women who have played a leading role. 

The day was celebrated in the auditorium of the company's office on Babupara Airport Road in the city on Thursday afternoon with the slogan 'Embrace Equity'.

Ishwardi Upazila Women's Vice Chairman Atia Ferdous Kakali and journalist Jahangir Hossain spoke as guests in the discussion meeting organized on this occasion. Daffodils Managing Director Abdul Mannan Tipu presided over it. 

Regional Officer of 'Daffodils' Abid Lodi gave a welcome speech.

At the end of the discussion, five women who have been playing a leading role in running retail |

businesses in the area were honored with flowers and crests from Daffodils. 

They are Afroja Khatun of Ishwardi, Aktari Begum, Rebecca Sultana, Tripti Rani and Taslima Khatun of Chatmohar.

Daffodils MD Abdul Mannan Tipu said, women are not less than men in any respect. 

The society and the country should be moved forward by removing the discrimination between men and women. He expressed his desire to celebrate Women's Day on a larger scale in the future.