Dad Mardan, an uncared-for plant with medicinal benefits

Published : 24 Sep 2021 08:28 PM

Senna alata (Cassia Alata), locally known as Dad Mardan, is widely used as a plant with a lot of medicinal benefits. The plant is sometimes also referred as ‘Candle Bush’.

It can be categorised as a shrub. It grows on its own in garbage dumps or abandoned places.

Dad Mardan grows in rural areas with almost no care. However, it does fall under the expensive plant category in the city.

Many gardens in the capital are home to these yellow delicates. People enjoy the richness of the plant or preserve it as a medicinal plant. Senna Alata can also sometimes grow on the slopes of ditches, in the middle of fields and in uncultivated places.

As mentioned, Senna Alata has various medicinal properties. In dermatology the plant is widely used in dermatitis. However, it is considered very useful against ringworm and diarrhea.

The leaves of this plant are used as a common tonic in treating sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the plant can work against poisonous insect bites such as spider bites.

Furthermore, People believe the juice of the leaves of the plant works especially for diseases like scabies, itching etc.