Customs to come under automated network in future

Published : 27 Jan 2023 07:52 PM

Bangladesh Customs is implementing various projects based on knowledge and technology to save proper revenue of the government, ensure safe trade and prevent smuggling and money laundering, which will play a huge role in realizing sustainable economy.

 Customs authorities have announced plans to develop an automated paperless or customs system by ensuring maximum use of modern technology. Bangladesh will provide customs services automatically without the presence of stockholders.  The company wants to introduce this modern system in 2025 itself.

 Commissioner of Chattogram Custom House Mohammad Faizur Rahman said these things in the seminar and discussion meeting organized in the auditorium of Chattogram Custom House on Thursday on the occasion of International Custom Day.

 He said, 184 countries of the world are celebrating Customs Day.  The theme of this year's Customs Day is 'Nurturing the Next Generation: Promoting a Culture of Knowledge-Sharing and Professional Pride in Customs'.  (Nurturing Future Generations: Developing a Culture of Knowledge and Good Professionalism in Customs).

 Chattogram Taxes Appellate Tribunal Member Safina Jahan, Chattogram Customs Excise and VAT Commissionerate Syed Musfiqur Rahman, Chattogram Customs Bond Commissionerate AKM Mahbubur Rahman, Chattogram Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Khalilur Rahman, Chattogram Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Monowara Hakim Ali and Director General of Chattogram Custom, Excise and VAT Training Academy Md. Mahbuzzaman were the special guests.  Chattogram Customs Bond Commissionerate Commissioner AKM Mahbubur Rahman said today is the 70th birthday of Customs.  After independence the revenue income gradually increased.  NBR earned Tk 3 lakh 166 crore in the last financial year.  Out of this, the contribution of customs is Tk 89 thousand crore.  Customs has taken various new initiatives due to trade facilitation.  Meanwhile, Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) e-auction has been launched.  Automated network will work in all branches of Bangladesh Customs from 2025.

 He said, various initiatives have been taken to advance customs.  Bringing customs under risk management, Risk Management Department has been started.  We have 11 scanners.  It will be possible to install 6 new scanners at Chattogram port.  Red, Green and Yellow channels are functioning in the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA).  Through this, import-export products are being redeemed quickly.  We are working on modernization of customs.  But everyone has a complaint about customs duty.  However, Customs takes 15 percent and the user 75 percent in clearing the goods.  NBR has undertaken some revenue strategies in the coming days.  I hope the customs will be stronger by solving all the problems in the future.

 Commissioner of Customs Excise and VAT Commissionerate Syed Musfiqur Rahman said, like every time we have met this time on Customs Day.  We mainly want to develop customs knowledge, culture and good professionalism.  Customs is the most important in trade system.  So we always have to be ahead.  The ASYCUDA system was launched around 1993.  Today in 2015 web based was introduced in customs but it has not progressed far.  Stakeholders have complaints about this issue.  Customs should be modernized keeping these issues in mind.  However, policy makers should move away from this kind of thinking of more profit with less investment.  Therefore investment in modernization should be increased.  I have seen our officers working till 10 pm when they have stakeholder papers.  It can't really be a normal life.

 Chattogram Custom House C&F Agent Association President AKM Akhter Hossain said that the contribution of Chattogram Custom House to the country's economy is undeniable.  The development work of the country is done from the revenue generated from here.  We realized that Customs is giving importance to the young generation.  Smart Bangladesh needs smart people.  Customs is playing various important roles including data analysis, import-export trade facilitation, customs clearance, anti-smuggling.  Customs moving forward means the country moving forward.  Therefore, the existing problems in the customs should be solved quickly.

 Abeda Mostafa of Chattogram Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, Customs always supports our women.  If we cannot involve women in economic development then the country will not progress.  Women have contributed to what we have achieved today.  Therefore, women should be involved in all activities.  We are training women on how they can advance in the import-export business.  If women can be involved in this work, the country will progress further.

 Chattogram Chamber of Commerce President Mahbubul Alam said that smart people will be needed to build a smart Bangladesh.  We have to be knowledge based.  Also I think there is no alternative to automation or modernization.  It must be done.  There is a problem with the customs server.  I don't know why this is happening.  

I will talk about it.  On top of that, there is a shortage of manpower and labs at Customs.  You work to eliminate this problem.  Customs is working for the development of the country.  If C&F, Shipping Agents, Ports, Customs and Traders work together then no one can claim us.  We want to use our talent and knowledge to advance the country.