Curtains rise on BSA

After seven months of closure due to coronavirus infection, three halls of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) finally opened on Friday. That is why the theater workers are very happy and excited.

From Friday, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy will be able to stage three plays twice a week. These two days of the week are: Friday and Saturday. There are three halls - Studio Theater Hall, National Theater and Experimental Theater Hall. After a long seven months, the play 'Rajar Chithi' of Jagarani Theater was staged at the Experimental Theater Hall yestarday. 

The National Theater and Studio Theater Hall hosted a programme on remembrance by Kheyali Natyagoshti. Palakar's 'Ujane Mrittu’ was staged at the main theater of the National Theater. On the other hand, Theater Factory will stage ‘Asharashya Pratham Dibashey’ today. 

Reacting to the reopening of three halls of the Shilpakala Academy after a long hiatus, playwright Mamunur Rashid told the media, “It is a great pleasure for us as thespians.  This month we will stage the play “Kahe Facebook”.

Playwright Ferdousi Majumder said, “I am thinking of doing a play from our team next November. The halls are opening, which is good news for all thespians.”