Curtains raise for IPL tonight

The 13th edition of IPL is rolling out onto the fields tonight with the match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. This year’s IPL will not be like other years. The biggest franchise tournament will be carried out in the ensuing coronavirus epidemic without the opening ceremony and absent of the cheers of cheerleaders in Abu Dhabi tonight at 8pm Bangladesh time.

It has been said that the dancing of the cheerleaders in this critical situation of the country is completely meaningless. The franchisees have agreed to the decision of the board.

This time IPL matches will be played in a stadium without spectators. This is a bad news for both cricketers and supporters.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is waiting to return after almost a year when has said goodbye to international cricket. The 21-star England-Australia cricketers will return to the field at the end of a 36-hour quarantine. Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians will miss match-winners like Lasith Malinga. There are no Bangladeshis in this year’s IPL.