Curiosity carries risks

Amdadul Haque

Many people have been put in quarantine to prevent coronavirus infection. Some buildings, and areas or entire districts have been locked down for the same purpose. However, most people are not familiar with quarantine or lock down. So many are curious about quarantined people or locked down buildings. This is increasing the risk of coronavirus infection spread.

On the other hand, most illiterate people do not exactly obey the instructions not to get out of the house. They are not following the government guidelines of lock down. Gossiping is going on as usual in various public places like village like tea stalls, village markets, roadsides and different places.
Doctors say, the coronavirus outbreak is spreading day by day across the country. But there is a big part of the populace that is not aware of this. In our country, the virus can be widely transmitted if we do not obey all the rules. Lock down is done when an area is at risk. Then, no one can enter or exit that area, which must be taken very seriously. Otherwise, it will not take much time for the virus to spread in this small country.

Hussain Ahmod Azad, a school teacher said, “the tension from novel coronavirus is mounting. New cases are rising in the country despite different measures including lockdown, closing of all educational institutions and prohibiting mass gatherings — political, social, religious or cultural.” He further said, “for Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the most important challenges are now: to enforce social distancing guidelines, self-quarantine at home and to stop panic buying and spreading rumours.”

Professor Mahfuza Khanam, chairman of Dhaka University psychology department, said, “Many are not familiar with this topic. This is causing curiosity among people. Again, many do not think that Corona is a serious thing. They think, this will not happen in our country.” She said, “How a human being is put in quarantine; What do people do when certain families or areas are locked down, are the things many of these people want to know. And thus the increasesing curiosity.”

Medicine specialist, Dr Muhibur Rahman Jewel said"Not everyone is equally aware. They don't even understand. They simply have to understand that a person is being quarantined for his safety. So all should stay home too.” Md Jahangir Husen Sardar, the Officer In-Charge of Juri Thana told Bangladesh Post that police are trying to make the people understand to follow the instructions of lockdown. They are moving in all rural markets daily to break mass gatherings at all public places.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested ‘partial or complete lockdown’, the reality is Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. So putting any city or the country under complete lockdown is very difficult or impossible.

Under these circumstances, along with enforcing people to stay at home it is also essential to motivate and awaken them for creating a willingness in their mind to follow the directives for the sake of themselves, from this deadly virus. The psychology of religion and motivated behaviour can play a great role in this regard.

Director General of the Health Department, Dr Abul Kalam Azad said, "in the current situation, all directions have to be followed to fight the virus. Lockdown is a must. Otherwise, the coronavirus will spread to the whole country.”