Curbs coming soon to cope with Covid

Health guidelines must be followed

Published : 09 Jan 2022 08:39 PM | Updated : 11 Jan 2022 05:46 PM

Covid-19 infection rate in the country has recently increased around four hundred times than last two months. In the wake of this surge strict social restrictions are likely to be imposed soon. In the wake of this surge strict social restrictions are likely to be imposed soon. 

Decisions regarding closing of shops after 8 pm and public transports operating with no more than 50pc occupancy is also being considered as precautions. If the situation of the spread of the virus worsens, educational institutions may also be considered to be shut.

We have to follow the health protocols 

even after taking the vaccine for Covid-19

It is suggested that the health protocols such as social distancing, washing hands regularly, wearing masks and other health guidelines must be strictly followed. Social gatherings and meetings should be held with limited participation. All sorts of gatherings should be restricted to stop the spread of the deadly virus. 

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People have again become careless about covid and are not maintaining health guidelines. It is noticeable that the number of people wearing masks is decreasing. This cannot continue and we must follow health guidelines strictly. Country’s people have also been requested to follow proper health rules, including wearing masks while performing prayers in mosques and other religious places of worship. We have to follow the health protocols even after taking the vaccine for Covid-19.

People’s attitude towards the coronavirus would place us in a most unfortunate situation in the coming days if we continue to violate the health rules. However, it is also the responsibility of all organisations and individuals to exercise these precautions on their own and raise awareness about them wherever possible. Only then we can control the alarming rise of new cases.

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