Ctg SSC passing rate 87.53 pc, science department lead in numbers

Published : 28 Nov 2022 09:02 PM

 The pass rate for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination 2022 under Chattogram Education Board is 87.53 percent this year.  Which is 3.59 percent less than last year.  The students of the science department are ahead in the pass rate, leaving behind the students of the humanities department.  Although this time, the pass rate has decreased in all categories.

 According to the board data, the pass rate of science department this year is 96.81 percent which was 96.82 percent last year.

 This information is known from the SSC result report released on Monday afternoon.  Although the number of candidates in science department in this year's SSC exam was less than last time.  But the number of GPA 5 in science department is also much higher than other departments.  14 thousand 525 science department students out of total GPA 5.  Among them 6 thousand 735 male students and 7 thousand 790 female students.  30 thousand 356 people participated in this exam from science department.  Among them, 15 thousand 71 students and 15 thousand 285 female students.  Total passed 29 thousand 389 people.

  Although the participation of students in business education department is high, the pass rate in overall results is slightly lower than that of science department but higher than that of humanities department.  This time 59 thousand 880 candidates participated from business education department.  Out of which the pass rate is 91.30 percent.  Among them 29 thousand 651 male students and 25 thousand 20 female students have passed.  GPA in business education section has also increased by 5 compared to last year.  A total of 3 thousand 663 people got GPA 5.  Among them 977 students got GPA 5 and 2 thousand 686 students.

 But the lowest pass rate is 58 thousand 304 students who participated in the examination from humanities department.  Among them, 45 thousand 953 passed.  Out of which 15 thousand 151 male students and 30 thousand 802 female students.  A total of 476 students scored GPA 5 in Humanities.  Among them 63 students got GPA 5 and 413 girls.

  Chattogram Education Board Examination Controller Narayan Chandra Nath said, "Compared to the last two years, overall results of Chattogram Education Board are better this time.  The number of GPA 5 achievers is almost as high as before, despite the drop in pass rates.

 This time 1 lakh 48 thousand 540 candidates were present out of 1 lakh 59 thousand 112 candidates of 1092 schools in 213 centers under Chattogram Education Board.  1 lakh 30 thousand 13 passed.  The student pass rate is 87.03 percent which is 2.81 percent less than last year.  The student pass rate is 87.69 percent which is 4.4 percent less than last year.  This time 18 thousand 664 people got GPA 5 which is 6 thousand 873 more than last time.