Ctg Rly police create public awareness about train travel

Published : 28 Jan 2023 03:38 PM

Chattogram Railway Police has conducted awareness programs at Laksam and Sitakunda railway stations to beware of unconscious and molam parties, stone pelting on moving trains and traveling on roofs, carrying of narcotics, stop ticket black market and train travel.

 The direction of Chattogram Railway Police Superintendent Mohammad Hashan Chowdhury under the chairmanship of Chattogram Railway Police Station OC Mohammad Mazharul Karim in Sitakunda railway station area and under the chairmanship of Laksam Railway Police Station OC Jasim Uddin Khandkar in Kuchaya Choumuhani railway gate area adjacent to railway station.

Local public representatives, RNB, railway officials-employees, local school teachers, Imams of mosques, local personalities and members of railway police including in-charge, Sitakunda railway police outpost were present.

 It warns against consuming food, drink or anything offered by a stranger to avoid unconscious parties and molam parties while traveling by train.

 Superintendent of Railway Police Mohammad Hasan Chowdhury said that our regular activities are being conducted with the aim of making train journey comfortable and easy for the passengers.  Various measures have been taken by the Railway Police including prevention of stone pelting on moving trains, not eating anything from strangers, protection from the clutches of molam parties and ignorant parties.  As part of this, awareness activities have been conducted at Sitakunda and Laksam railway stations.

 The speakers said, refrain from climbing on the roof of the train, on the engine in case of danger, do not travel on the train without a ticket, and urge to take off with caution after stopping completely at the train station.  Keep your bags and valuables carefully.  Tickets cannot be purchased from black marketers.  Be aware of the movement of people around you.  Railway police should be informed if suspicious or carrying illegal goods.  Ticket black market, police to hand over stone pelting on moving trains.  Train windows should be closed to protect oneself from stone pelted by miscreants. Meanwhile, railway officials informed the railway station and residents about the ill effects of stone pelting on trains.