Ctg port activities go on in full swing

Published : 09 Nov 2021 09:15 PM | Updated : 10 Nov 2021 05:30 PM

As the strike of cargo vehicles sparked by the rise in fuel prices, has been postponed, the workload of Chittagong port including the delivery of imported goods is gradually becoming normal.

The movement of trucks, covered vans and container lorries carrying imported goods has started in full swing from Tuesday morning.

According to port sources, containers were brought to and from the depot for delivery of imported goods from the port even during the strike.  

Many trucks, covered vans loading goods were waiting for the strike to be called off.

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Delivery and container transport has started in full swing from 8 am on Tuesday.

 Port Secretary Md. Omar Faruq said that even during the strike, special arrangements were made for the delivery and transportation of the port.  

Delivery is in full swing after the official announcement of the withdrawal of the strike.

 Sources said that on Friday, the first day of the transport strike in protest of the hike in fuel prices, delivery and transportation of containers from the depot to the port was normal but it was disrupted from Saturday to Monday.

 Due to untimely arrival of containers of export goods, several ships were forced to leave the port with less containers than the capacity and plan.

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