Ctg Customs launches e-payment to curb irregularities

Published : 01 Jan 2022 08:27 PM

Chattogram Customs has launched electronic payment system in the new year to prevent all kinds of irregularities including revenue evasion and bribery transactions of the government.  This will alleviate all the sufferings of the importers, said the customs authorities.

 From July 1 of the outgoing year, Customs introduced online method or e-payment for payment of over Tk 2 lakh.  After receiving a huge response, the government, which is the most important revenue collecting agency in the country, decided to introduce e-payment system from the beginning of the new year.

 Customs officials say the introduction of a fully online system from today will increase revenue on the one hand, save time on the other, and eliminate the tendency to evade revenue.

 According to Chattogram Customs sources, bill of entry number, financial year, office code of the custom house, amount of duty paid, AIN number and phone number for making e-payment.  These six types of information will be required.  If the duty is paid through proper process, the confirmation SMS regarding the payment of duty will reach the phone number of the importer.  Payment information will be automatically updated on the software network.

 Chattogram Customs House Commissioner Mohammad Fakhrul Alam said that using the new system, importers will be able to use the internet and pay the duty at home through the RTGS gateway with a user ID.  Earlier, the bank had to pay the tax in line for hours on end.  

Now this kind of suffering will not be borne.