Ctg Customs auctions 13-yr old oil

Published : 03 Feb 2023 09:06 PM

About 13 years old soybean oil is lying in the shed of Chattogram port. The oils were imported in 2009.  

Although 3700 liters of oil were sold in two rounds of auction in a year, about 8560 liters of soybean oil remained unsold.

  Chattogram Customs is auctioning these edible oils in the third phase. The customs authority has raised the price up to 46 thousand taks. After testing samples of the oils at the state-owned Eastern Refinery, customs officials said the oils were dirty, but usable and salvageable.

350 liters of fuel oil was auctioned at B1 Shed of the port. Of this, 280 liters of crude diesel was imported in March last year. Currently eight jars of this fuel are lying in B1 shed of the port. Last year's product was auctioned twice. But customs failed there too. There are 60 liters of hydraulic oil in the port shell. 

The market price of the products is 8 thousand taka. The product was auctioned six times last year. CFS 

shed on port contains 10 liters of lubricant oil. 

This oil was imported in 2016.  However, this invoice was never auctioned. Customs could not tell from which country the oils were imported.

Customs officials said that these oils have been lying in different sheds of the port for years. 

The jars are all broken and the oils are dirty. Buyers are not interested in buying the oils. So the oils are not being sold. These are useful. Soybean and fuel oil would be useful if sold in this critical situation. But buyers are more aware now.

Chattogram Customs House Deputy Commissioner (Auction Branch) Anupam Chakma said, the oils were imported at different times. 

But most of the jars that contain the oils are worn, broken and dirty. But soybean oil is high. About 8500 liter capacity. 

We tested soybean oil samples at Eastern Refineries. The oils are consumable and redeemable. And there are some diesel and lubricant oils. We have organized an auction on January 12.  Hope we get good response.