CRP to deliver services to 12,000 patients in Rajshahi

Published : 02 Jun 2023 08:33 PM

Like Savar, Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) is being established in the divisional city of Rajshahi for the welfare of the patients concerned.

 Upon successful inception of the center, around 12,000 patients suffering from stroke and other physical impairments in the region are expected to get treatment, assistive and rehabilitation support.

 Apart from this, students and others concerned can avail scopes of study and gather knowledge on different issues, including spinal cord injury, artificial limb and other assistive devices making, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

 Earlier, former Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation AHM Khairuzzaman Liton donated 16 bighas of land for establishment of the centre in the name of 'CRP Rajshahi- Shaheed Kamaruzzaman and Zahanara Zaman' in the city's Kapasia area.

 Liton, elder son of Shaheed Kamaruzzaman and Zahanara Zaman, opened up the door of establishing the CRP in Rajshahi through donating the land

Liton, Presidium Member of Bangladesh Awami League, said time has come to empower persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI) for sustainable growth and development to ensure their rights and entitlement in the society.

 Emphasis has been given on establishing policy and rules to exclusively protect the interests of persons with SCI in the society.

 All of us should work together to create a favorable environment for the SCI people by removing various social, economic and infrastructural barriers.

He said the CRP was founded at Savar first to establish the rights of the people with spinal cord injuries.

It has been encouraging SCI people to continue their education, higher education and providing financial assistance for many students.

 He lauded the initiative and said there should be adequate measures and interventions for rehabilitation of the physically challenged people to free them from their plights.

 Liton mentioned that people with disabilities caused by spinal cord injuries are subjected to repression and negligence from their families alongside society.

So, they need community support for their proper rehabilitation. He also said that community people should take up the responsibility of creating an enabling environment for them in the society to improve their participation and accessibility to services and resources.