Crowds flock at Huawei pavilion to experience 5G

On the second day of the 'Digital Bangladesh Mela', arranged for the first time in the country, a huge presence of visitors is noticed in the Pavilion of Huawei, the titanium sponsor of the fair.  They are coming to the Huawei Pavilion to experience the 'Fifth Generation Network' or '5G', the focus point of the fair.  The number of visitors is increasing gradually because of the weekend holidays. 

Though Huawei pavilion was crowded with visitors yesterday too.  However, in comparison of ages, the number of young people is higher than others.  A huge number of students studying at schools, colleges and universities, are coming in groups and experiencing 5G for free. 

 “Unbelievable! I am literally impressed with 5G experience” Said Tasnim Mitu, a third-year student of Dhaka Universiy. Raihan Rafi, student of a private university of the Capital said, “In a word, I am amazed & thrilled with the speed of 5G. I could not believe it, if I didn’t see the speed in my own eyes.”   Visitors on Friday experienced 1.6 GBps data speed with Huawei 5G. The incredible improvement happens due to the continuous efforts of Huawei in the development and research of the 5G network for a long time. 

Huawei has spent a decade of research & Development in 5G, spending over 4 Billion US Dollar in the last ten years alone to ensure the cutting-edge technology leadership, leading in 5G Research & Standardization with 2,1000+ 3GPP 5G NR Contributions of 5G patents”.

Besides 5G testing, there is another play-zone where visitors can experience real-time virtual reality (VR) test through 5G technology. As soon as the visitors are putting on the 5G VR, they are finding themselves skiing on the snow.

Arik Ahsan, a student of class three, is very thrilled by experiencing the Robot show. His father Anamul Ahsan said, “My son is very fond of Robots. I brought him here as it is the first time we are experiencing this kind of arrangements with robots in the country".