‘Create more scope of entrepreneurial education’

Speakers tell at DScE e-seminar

Entrepreneurial education all over the world is growing with an upper trend as people are thinking to be self employed rather than jobs in other sectors, speakers opined at a seminar.  

Entrepreneurship economists club of Dhaka School of Economics arranged  e-seminar on " Entrepreneurship Education and  Business Incubator under pandemic".

Speakers also highlighted the needs of entrepreneurial education in order to start, develop, and successfully realise innovative ideas which has been providing by the Dhaka School of Economics. Business incubator must be organized in the higher educational institutes. 

Speakers also said that entrepreneurship courses influences intentions to become entrepreneurs and to become actual entrepreneurs. Taking only one course does not have nearly as strong an influence and does not have  any significant effect due to having parents who were entrepreneurs. But they praised that Dhaka School of Economics introduced Masters of Entrepreneurship Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development.

Speakers argued that the need for attaching more importance to expand entrepreneurial education which will help create more jobs throughout the country.  to build a career as an entrepreneur for self-employment. 

They said that leadership quality is also very much important for students.

Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay, Professor of University of Engineering and  Managment, India was Chief guest while Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Programme Coordinator was the sesson chair and Dr.Sardana Khan,  (MAHRI)of Central Queensland University, Australia was special guest.

Supratim Chowdhury,Head of HRD. DEPT. of KMRIPL,India while presenting a keynote paper  said that to develop and workable system management is very much important as it should work in parallel to run the small or bigger business for which detailed knowledge in entrepreneurial education is needed. 

Prof. Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay  discussed that this pandemic has created a new way to sustain entrepreneurial education and many start ups come with new solutions as well as alternative solutions with sustainability and adding the value  to keep in the business where pro-customer services are going on.

Rehana Parvin and Sara Tasneem, Assistant professor of Dhaka School of Economics also addressed the programme.