Crackdown on errant hospitals

Ethics must be above all else

The health sector is at the centre of scrutiny for the raging Covid-19 crisis that has been going on in the world and the country. Several irregularities have been spotted in the sector and its personnel raising questions about its effectiveness. In that continuation the health directorate has decided to campaign against the hospitals that don’t have any sort of licensing.

There has also been strict vigilance by the government to root out any irregularity in the sector in this time of crisis. Despite this there are still some unscrupulous people who are conducting healthcare facilities despite the recent harsh punitive actions of the government and law enforcement.

A recent report published in this daily projected that following the death of a police officer at a mental health clinic in Dhaka – Mind Aid Psychiatry and De-addiction Hospital, the tolerance against such irregularities has run out and the government is planning to root out this type of tumour from society once and for all.

The tolerance against such irregularities has run out and 

the government is planning to root out this type of tumour 

from society once and for all

We applaud and welcome such an initiative as it will evidently help to bolster the integrity of the country’s health sector and also promote that any unruliness will be dealt with stringent actions. It is hopeful to see that the government is taking this issue seriously and hope that a proper resolution can be attained as swiftly as possible.

Following the irregularities of the Regent Hospital over the Covid-19 test, various government agencies launched a campaign against unlicensed hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and blood banks. This should have been done before the plight of coronavirus was above us. Yet, we are hopeful to see such acts of bringing back regularity and accountability in the health sector once again.

Above all, it is imperative that the authorities concerned take swift action against those individuals who are seen to take advantage of the common public to bring the health sector to reins.

Moreover, investigations must be conducted to inquire and identify the ringleaders of the fraud syndicates that are active in the country and pass swift justice on them.