Covid jab for transgender people stressed

Published : 03 Aug 2021 09:00 PM

Dr Anisul Karim, a Researcher from Oxford, has emphasised on the mass-vaccination, free supply of masks and foods among the transgender people.

Dr Anisul Karim recently conducted talk with Sarker Shams Bin Sharif, Co-founder of the organisation named ‘Baro-Vaja’ working with the people of transgender or Hijra community across country including Rajshahi. 

In recent times they have focused their efforts to help the Hijra community get access to various resources such as masks and food as well as mass vaccination during the pandemic. 

In the live session held on Tuesday (2nd Aug) Dr Anisul Karim talked about the importance of vaccination as well as answered questions related to the vaccine. 

He dispelled the myths about vaccines causing health hazards. 

He also touched on issues specifically affecting the transgender community such with relations to hormone treatment, laser treatment as well as immune compromised HIV patients. 

He asked everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

While narrating his own experience of getting fever and pain after the vaccination, he said, 'if you feel a headache, fever etc after the vaccination, it is very normal and expected and these symptoms are proof that the vaccine is working.' 

Sarker Shams said the campaign of Baro-Vaja will be running during these upcoming days focusing on online and building awareness through sms and other media.

Mashiat Hossain, Co- founder of Baro-Vaja says the vaccine rollout needs to reach the minority and excluded groups as well. We are doing our part but the gov't needs to take initiative to make vaccines more accessible for Hijras and other segregated groups.