Covid infection, deaths rise in N’ganj

Published : 05 May 2021 08:58 PM

Although for seven days no death of COVID-19 patients was observed in Narayanganj district, in the last two days consecutively four patients died in Khanpur corona dedicated hospital in the city.

All of a sudden the infection rate and death toll seem to have increased and the health department is blaming people’s indifferent mindset and random movement ignoring the health guidelines. Visiting different markets in the city it was found that most of the customers, traders and pedestrians were out of mask and there were no protective measures like disinfect tunnels.

On Tuesday two COVID-19 male patients died aged around seventy two- seventy five while on Monday two female patients had died.     

With the gap of seven days four patients died of corona consecutively on Monday and Tuesday and the death toll reached at two hundred fourteen by this time in the district. The infection rate all of sudden doubled in a day worrying the people and the health department emphasis on eyeing strict lockdown and acted on health rules in the district to lower down existing infection rate.

On the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, despite having lockdown but in different markets and shopping malls being over crowded which violates the health rules. Just a day ago the only 28 people were infected but on Tuesday the figure reached at 60 examining the samples of 373 peoples, the district civil surgeon office revealed the report.

The district health department report also claimed that in the last 13 months the COVID patients found 13,017 examined 1,04,538 peoples.

Dr. Abul Bashar, superintendent of district COVID dedicated Khanpur 300 bed hospital told the Bangladesh Post that he is very anxious to see the movement of the people in roads and markets and he assumed this uncontrolled movement of people will affect after 10-15 days.

Now, 40 patients are undergoing treatment in Khanpur hospital and the patients rushing became slow but it will not remain constant, predicted Dr. Bashar. He was adding that what I will do if the infection raises more in the district where almost 85 lakh people live.

‘’I have the only capacity for 100 bed including 10 ICU supported. But my two physicians and three nurses were infected immediately” Dr. Bashar opined.

District administration operating mobile court by the executive magistrate and the law enforcers patrolling everywhere but the expectable result is yet far off.