Covid-19 infected MP attends public meeting!

Meherpur Correspondent 

Even after being attacked with Coronavirus, Mohammad Shahidu­zzaman, Member of Parliament of Meherpur-2 (Gangni) constituency attended a protest meeting held in observance of Grenade attack of August 21 at Gangni around 9-00 pm Friday.

According to sources, MP Shahiduzzmaan and his family members have been suffering from Coronavirus infection from August-13. As a result, a sticker of lockdown signed by Upazila Nirbahi Officer has been hung in front of his house. By breaking the lockdown, Shahizzaman attended the protest meeting organised against the Grenade attack on Aug-21. 

Eyewintess soures said, as a chief guest, MP Shahiduzzman attended the meeting and delivered speech there.

Informed sources said, on August-13 last, MP Shahiduzzaman, President of Upazila Awami League, was infected with Coronavirus with all his family members. Other infected members of the family are-his wife Laila Arjuaman, sons Sadiuzzaman Saif and Samiuzzmaan Samio. In addition to his wife and sons, his personal driver Shamim Parvez, PS Sabuj Ahmed and Assistant Rashed raihan area also infected with the Coronavirus.

Reazul Islam, Gangni Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, informed, Shahiduzzaman MP has been infected with Coronavirus with his family. 

He alongwith his family members are in home isolation at his house under Gangni Municipality. However,  he alongwith all his family members are sound physically.

Nasir Uddin, Civil Surgeon of Meherpur informed MP Shahiduzzaman has been infected with Coronavirus with his family-member. His home has been put under lockdown for 14-day. He added, he Civil Surgeon) has nothing to do if even being a responsible MP he does not obey the lockdown.

Selim Shahnewaz, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Gangni informed, MP Shahiduzzaman and his family have been infected with Cornovirus and his house has been put under lockdown. Only nine days have gone after the lockdown. Responsible personalities should obey the government instructions.

However, MP Shahiduzzaman was not available over his phone for comment.