Court issues summon to four doctors of SZRMCH in Bogura

A court in Bogura has issued summon to four physicians of Bogura including Assistant Professor Dr. Abdullah Al Muti of Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital for allegedly damaging(crippling) the right hand of a three-year-old child through mistreatment.

It is learnt, on Thursday, mother of the child Fazilatun Nessa Fouzia filed a case with the court of Senior Judicial Magistrate in Bogura alleging four doctors gave mistreatment to her child and after the treatment, the right hand of the child was crippled. The Judge of the court Supriya Rahman issued a summon to those four doctors to attend the court on February-27. Three other doctors who have been summoned to attend the court have been identified a: Dr. Limon of Health City Hospital, Dr. Rezwan and Dr. Sabiha.

Fouzia wife of Mominur Rahman of Purana Bazaar area alleged in her complaint that on September-20,2019, her three-year aged child Fahim Mubassir fell from a cot and his fist bone of right hand was broken. She took her injured child at first to Dr. Mohiuddin Aslam who referred him to Pangu Hospital. Later she took his son to Dr. Abdullah Al Muti Suborno of Pangu Hospital to Popular Diagnostic Centre to treat her child privately.

 The doctor assured to cure her son through the operation of his broken bone and the blood vessels on September-21, 2019. Accordingly, her child was operated upon but due to negligence of duty of the doctor and his assistants, the doctor snapped several important arteries of the hand of the child during operation and thus the condition of the hand of her child continued to turn worse. And, now the hand has completely been crippled and paralysed due to such mistreatment.

  She further blamed, the doctors were responsible for making right hand of her child cripple. She filed the case demanding punishment of the responsible doctors.  Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah Al Muti Suborno has discarded the allegation saying the charges brought against him are false and fabricated.