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Country’s growth rate would be higher if there was no corruption’

Published : 14 Aug 2021 09:09 PM

Corruption is a big social problem. If there was no corruption, the growth would have increased. The government considers corruption as an obstacle to development. Corruption is a big challenge on the way to LDC transition. The government has taken long-term measures to address the challenge of LDC transition.

The government is in talks with the countries concerned to continue duty-free exports after 2026 and preferential trade agreements are being signed with eight countries. As a member state of the United Nations, Bangladesh has the capacity to pay the extra money. 

Compared to the last financial year, the export income has increased by 19 percent this year. If the Padma Bridge is launched, the GDP will increase by three percent. Bangladesh has been able to meet the three criteria set for the LDC graduation for two times in a row which is a testament to the capability of Bangladesh.

State minister for planning ShamsulAlam said this while speaking at a debate program on ‘Government Preparation to Overcome the Challenges on LDC graduation’ organized by Debate for Democracy held at FDC in the capital on Saturday. 

The state minister for planning said,“The data provided by some research institutes to the effect that the number of poor people has gone up to 42 percent due to the Covid-19 situation is not correct. Their survey method is not acceptable. Even their projections on the country’s economy are not realistic. Even the proposal by the research institute SANEM to plan only Covid-19 Response without the Eighth Five Year Plan is unconstitutional.”

“The pandemic has hit the economy hard and the government has taken appropriate measures to overcome it. However, it is true that long-term lockdown is not possible here considering the socio-economic situation,” added the state minister.

Chairman of Debate for Democracy Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiran said that, “Bangladesh will have to face a new reality in the transition from LDC. We have to face many challenges. But many possibilities will also come. However, we have to stay conscious that the transition from LDC should not be a barrier for us. Therefore, it is important to focus on institutional reform, reducing corruption and establishing good governance.”

He also gave a 10-point recommendation to overcome the LDC's challenge. Defeating Northern University Bangladesh, the University of South Asia became the champion.