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‘Country needs more organic food entrepreneurs’

Published : 04 Dec 2021 10:07 PM | Updated : 05 Dec 2021 02:48 PM

It is essential to increase nationwide entrepreneurship for organic products with the government taking initiative in creating such entrepreneurs, and motivating youths to walk this path.

The speakers at a seminar titled "Problems and Prospects of Organic Production" organized by Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association (BOPMA) made the call at the National Press Club on Saturday.

Speakers at the seminar stated that there is no substitute for safe food in order to stay healthy. Importance of organic products is important worldwide.“We do not have any policy on organic products. We are optimistic that a policy will be formulated after the importance of this is taken into consideration. However, there is not much evaluation done regarding the organic products. Internationally, different countries are importing and exporting a lot of organic products,” said the speakers.

India, the neighboring country to Bangladesh, has also gained acceptance in the international market for organic products. However there is no initiative in our country although there is no lack of resources, they added. 

Stating that the consumer goods market is full of toxic and unhealthy products, the speakers further said that excessive synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides and chemicals used in grain production continue to poison food grains. “Chemicals or preservatives are used to preserve crops for a long time, harmful dyes, poisonous drugs for artificially ripening fruits, etc. These harmful substances are constantly entering our body through food. These are the cause of many complex diseases like cancer, diabetes, mental exhaustion, physical weakness,” they said.

Dr Sohel Akhter, Director, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, MdBakhtiyar Hossain, Director, SAARC Agricultural Center, DrObaidul Islam, Associate Professor, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Sabu jChaya Group Chairman Based Simon, BOPMA Vice President Mizanur Rahman Bijoy, former BSTI DG Saiful Hasib, BARI Chief Scientist Dr Khorshed Alam and BOPMA Executive President Md Moniruzzaman were present among others.

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