CoU teachers’ dormitory lies empty even a year after its inauguration

Published : 04 Jan 2024 09:01 PM

Almost a year has passed since the inauguration of the dormitory constructed for teachers in Comilla University, but no teacher has moved there. They are reluctant to move to the new dormitory due to lack of personal cooking facility, high rent, fear of snake infestation, privacy problem, lack of adequate security, long distance.

In January 2023, the university's teacher dormitory and club-cum-guest house was inaugurated by the Education Minister Dr Deepu Moni. Later in the month of August of the same year, new dormitory was allotted to teachers, old dormitory-II to officials and dormitory-I to employees. When the notification about allotment of seats for teachers in the new dormitory was published, there were 10 applications against 39 seats. In view of the application, no teacher has gone to the allotted seats.

Currently 12 teachers of the university are staying in the old dormitory along with the university officials. However, there are many problems in the old dormitory. When asked why they are staying in the same dormitory with the officials even after 1 year of the opening of the new dormitory, the teachers said that they are reluctant to move to the new dormitory due to various problems.

Partha Chakraborty, assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department allotted in the new dormitory, said, “I needed to go to the dormitory in an emergency and that's why I applied for accommodation quickly and got allotted but after talking to other teachers who got allotted, they said don't get up yet. I don't think it's safe to be in such a big place alone and I've heard there might be snake movement which I haven't been up to yet.”

To know about this, the associate professor of mathematics assigned to the new dormitory Md Abdullah Al Mahbub did not want to comment.

Before this, the construction work of the teachers' dormitory started in May 2017. Although it was supposed to be completed in November 2018, the construction period was extended several times, but after five years, it was completed at a cost of 5 crore 76 lakh Tk58 thousand.

From the surface, it can be seen that the newly inaugurated dormitory has been built in a round shape. Only one stove has been provided in this building. Which is more like a student hall. As it is at the end of the boundary of the university, there is no boundary wall and the residents are traveling easily. Besides, although Ansar has not been appointed so far, duty shifts are being performed in the dormitory.

Sadek Hossain Majumder, security officer of the university, said, 'People have not been appointed. Those who are less Ansar members have been put on duty in shifts. We have applied for Ansar member for election it is still under process, hope to be appointed after election.'

In these matters, Deputy Registrar Md. Mizanur Rahman, director of the estate branch of the university said, that a large part of the teachers expressed their reluctance to go to the new dormitory. This is not the case. A few teachers have reported about various crises, also some teachers have already said that they will move to the dormitory in January.However, we informed the Honorable Vice-Chancellor Sir about the problems that the teachers have reported, he assured that if the teachers have any problem staying in the dormitory, they will solve it.

He also said, 'Still some crisis may occur as we have to work with limited resources. After all, we all should be positive about anything in the university, with a bit of compromise, positive thinking can solve even small problems like this.'

In this regard, the vice-chancellor of the university Professor Dr. A F M Abdul Moyeen said, 'Teacher dormitories are mainly made for the convenience of bachelor teachers. The new teachers' dormitory of our university has also been designed accordingly. The teachers are reluctance to go to the crisis mentioned, they will shift there if they perceive any kind of problem or need, then if they apply accordingly, the administration will try their best to solve them.'