CoU students stagedemo for classroom crisis

Published : 11 Nov 2019 08:41 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:07 PM

Students of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department of Comilla University on Monday staged demonstration for resolving classroom crisis. The students took position in front of the university's administrative building demanding five-point demand for resolving classrooms, labs, and teacher crisis. However, the protesting students declared that they would not participate in the class and exam until their problems were resolved.

 Where on October 31, the Registrar Professor Dr. Md. Abu Taher gave the hope but till Monday no problem was resolved even though the registrar himself was absent yesterday. Several students said, “Until the problems are resolved, we will not participate in the class-examination. If Tuesday is not resolved, we will be forced to move again.”

Proctor Dr. Kazi Mohammad Kamal Uddin said, ‘We sat with the students. Their claims are logical. They have suspended their movement until tomorrow, in our assurance. I will sit on Tuesday and try to resolve one of the claims.’ Registrar Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Taher said, ‘The problem is because the contractors are not working properly. Regarding the contractors, we will sit down and make the final decision. But today (Monday) I have ordered at least two rooms in the night, so that I can give it to the department tomorrow (Tuesday).’

It is known that after 13 years of the establishment of the university, there are several crises in the classroom, lab and teacher crisis many other departments. Of these, the ICT department has passed the age of ten but only one classroom and seven teachers are running the department. Despite repeated appeals to the university administration, the administration has completed its duty with assurance. Last October 31, the university registrars submitted the memorandum along with the department's teachers.

On the same day, he inspected the transfer of two classrooms, labs, teachers' rooms for the ICT department by visiting the Academic Building-4 (Faculty of Engineering Building) and coordinating with the engineer and contractor on Monday. The registrar himself hopes that he will lift them from the building to the building. But the students did not see any progress at work on that building on Monday. 

Even when the students went to meet the registrar, he said he did not come today. The students sat in front of the administrative building and staged a demonstration to deceive the students with such false assurances and their demands were not implemented. If their demands are not implemented, they declare that they will not rise from there and continue to shout. Students at the university sat down with the Proctor protesters at 8am on Tuesday to discuss the students with the department's Vice-Chancellor and Registrar. 

But the protesters also announced that they would not participate in the class-test until their problems were resolved. During this time, they demanded a five-point transfer, including transfer of class rooms, confirmation of lab rooms with adequate facilities, withdrawal of a teacher's statement and balanced distribution of labs received from the ICT Ministry.