CoU observes Martyred Intellectuals Day

Published : 14 Dec 2023 10:23 PM

The Martyred Intellectuals Day was observed at Comilla University (CoU) with due dignity. The day, 14 December (Thursday) started on with the sunrise at half-mast of the national flag, hoisting of the black flag and wearing of the black badge.

Later, at quarter past 10, the mourning rally started from the front of the administration building and ended at the central Shaheed Minar. At the end of the rally, wreaths were placed at the central Shaheed Minar by the university family and later wreaths were also placed at the portrait of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Besides, various departments and organizations of the university also presented wreaths at the same time.

After the wreath offering, a short discussion was organized in front of the portrait of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.In the discussion, the treasurer of the university, Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman said, "We all know the significance of Intellectuals' Day. We are grateful to those whose sacrifices made us free. 

The difference between the intellectuals of today and the intellectuals of that time is that the intellectuals of that time were more ethical and self-sacrificing. We can celebrate this day by being completely self-sacrificing and ethical."

Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Humayun Kabir said, "I pay my respects to the intellectuals. The Pakistani invaders killed our son on this day so that the Bengali nation could never stand up.’ 

But our country is now self-sufficient in everything. Bangabandhu sought the welfare of people all his life. If we also follow the ideals of Bangabandhu only then it will be possible to truly establish Bangabandhu's Sonar Bangla and only then will proper respect be shown to the martyrs." 

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. A F M Abdul Moyeen said, "They were ethical. Today's intellectuals think a lot to sacrifice normal things but the intellectuals of that time did not hesitate to give their lives. They took an oath to uphold the ideals of the intellectuals of that time, for the sake of the country, to move the country forward. If we can, we will pay tribute to them. And we will turn it into action rather than words."

Convenor of the program Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Islam Akanda said, "The main theme of killing the intellectuals was so that the country could not move forward. This murder was organized just two days before the victory. A large part of the intellectuals were university teachers. Intellectuals organized under the leadership of university teachers. Together they formed the nation by expressing their national ideas."

At the end of the short discussion meeting, after the Zohr prayer, a doa mahfil was organized at the central mosque to pray for the souls of the martyred intellectuals.