Corruption and social injustice

Must be rooted out at all costs

Recently, in a question-answer session in the parliament, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sought cooperation from all, including lawmakers, public representatives and noted personalities irrespective of party affiliation and opinions in order to stamp out injustices and corruption from society. 

The government’s stance against corruption is a commendable one and it is true that we have come a long way in the last few years in curbing corruption. The current government has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to corruption. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has also been working tirelessly since its inception to root out corruption at all levels. 

However, in Transparency International's annual Corruption Perceptions Index, published at the beginning of the year, Bangladesh was ranked below all other South Asian countries except for war-torn Afghanistan. Clearly, we need to focus our efforts in improving the current scenario of the country. 

Stricter laws must be introduced

 and enforced faithfully in cases of

corruption to deter further

unethical activities

A corruption and injustice-free Bangladesh cannot be achieved without the full commitment of each and every citizen. The rich and powerful are especially to blame as they continue to use their influence and social status to freely break laws. Our justice system continuously fails to hold the rich and powerful accountable when they go against the law.

The rights of the vulnerable segments of society must be ensured if we want to see Bangladesh prosper. Development can never be achieved if there are different standards for different classes of people. The amount of money and power one has should not be a factor in the conviction of criminals. 

Each and every person should be vigilant when it comes to instances of bribery, which is a widespread problem in our country. Stricter laws must be introduced and enforced faithfully in cases of corruption to deter further unethical activities. 

The youth of our country are a valuable resource in our fight against corruption. From a young age, the importance of honesty and integrity must be imparted on their minds. Only with coordinated efforts from each and every faction of society can we hope to see the country free of corruption and injustice.