Coronavirus infection on the rise in Rajshahi

Published : 18 May 2021 09:28 PM

In the span of the last five-day, the number of Corona infections has increased in Rajshahi. At the same time the number of patients with Coronavirus positive as well as identified with Corona infection and the number of patients with Coronavirus symptoms has also been increased. 

In Rajshahi Medical College Hospital nine patients suffering from Covid-19 infection and symptoms died during the last two days (16,17 May) while 61 new patients suffering from Covid-19 have been detected at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital during the same period. 

Specialist surgeons of RMCH opined regarding the sudden spate of Coronavirus infection in Rajshahi that from several days before the Eid-ul-fitre, a large number of people started to arrive in Rajshahi from Dhaka and other places of the country. Those people were visiting various shops, markets and other busy places without following any health rules and maintaining minimum social distances and more than 30 percent of those people were not even wearing masks. They were also crowding on local vehicles to reach their destinations without maintaining any social distance or health rules. The number of Corona infected patients has increased during the period due to lack of consciousness among the people. At the same time, the number of deaths by being attacked with Covid-19 or Coronavirus has also increased.

Medical Specialists further informed one week ago, both the number of patients suffering from Coronavirus and the number of identification of Coronavirus patients had decreased and the ICUs of the hospital of RMCH were receiving 6 to 8 patients on an average daily. But, from Sunday last, no ICU bed at the hospital remained empty. They further mentioned due to non-observance of health rules, people would pay their toll. Not wearing masks regularly, attending various socio-cultural functions without maintaining health rules and not ensuring 'home quarantine' for the people coming from abroad are some of the factors that helped to spread the infection of Coronavirus. Even, the body temperature of people coming to Rajshahi from various neighbouring districts is not being checked. People with women and children attended the Eid markets, shopping malls and local markets and hats as will. They also suggest for a further tough lockdown and to ensure a strict vigilance at the frontier to check any illegal intrusion.

Meanwhile, at least three patients died at the Corona ward of RMCH on Monday night. Of those, one patient had Corona positive and two others died with Coronavirus symptoms while on Sunday six patients died at the Corona ward.

Dr. Saiful Ferdous, Deputy Director of RMCH informed that at present 107 patients have been admitted and are getting treatment at the Corona ward of the hospital. Of those Coronavirus has been detected among 34 patients and the rest 73 are suffering from Coronavirus symptoms. Samples of blood have been collected from the patients and sent to the hospital laboratory for testing. Of the total infected patients, 14 have been admitted and taking treatment at the ICUs of the hospital, he added.

Meanwhile, so far 515 Coronavirus infected patients died in the eight districts of Rajshahi division till May 16. Of the total death, 306 died in Borgura, 76 died in Rajshahi, 22 in Chapainawabganj, 36 in Naogaon, 20 in Natore, 11 in Joypurhat, 23 in Sirajganj and 23 in Pabna district. A total of 82 Coronavirus patients were freshly detected in Rajshahi division on Sunday last.