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Yield is good, but not prices for vegetable farmers

Published : 02 May 2020 08:39 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 12:17 AM

Farmers are being compelled to sell their vegetables at much cheaper prices, although farmers experienced a bumper vegetable production across the country. Some organized syndicates are to be blamed for this hoax in this emerged Corona crisis.

Produced goods are being sold at Tk 3-5 per kg in farmers’ areas but in Dhaka it is sold at Tk 40-60 per kg.
Farmers said, “In reality there is no problem in transporting agricultural products, though transport workers do not want to drive due to various fears. At the same time, the fares of all transports have also increased in this time of coronavirus.”

As a result, wholesalers are not interested in bringing agricultural goods at extra prices. Various vegetables produced in different districts are being rotten.

As a result, agitated farmers are feeding the cows with their produces and throwing them away.
Agricultural analysts highlighted that middlemen are grasping the corona crisis in the country as an opportunity of making undue profit.
They said, in this crisis there is a lack of management. It will have a negative impact on the economy.

The Ministry of Agriculture has taken some initiatives to keep the supply of vegetable raw materials on right tract.
Agriculture expert Shahriar Hasan Mintu talking to The Bangladesh Post said that, “It could have been possible if our authorities concerned had taken projects to reduce gap between the farmers and the markets. Online marketing and growers’ entry into consumers market is the latest in the world.”

There is no alternative to eliminating the so called ‘middle men’ in this process to ensure fair prices to farmers, he added.
Agriculture Secretary Nasiruzzaman said, “It is true that farmers are not getting fair prices, but we are also working to fix the problem.”
“We are looking for finding ways to do on a large scale in districts like farmers market. We are trying with online marketing, so that a farmer can sell his produces there. We took the initiative to market safe vegetables online earlier. We are also thinking about whether the transportation of agro-products can be done through BRTC,” he added.

In a virtual meeting with stakeholders on what to do in marketing and supply of agricultural products in the current Corona situation, Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak said measures have been taken to ensure smooth movement of vegetables and perishable agricultural products.

“Relief materials being provided by the Ministry of Disaster Management include daily necessities like potatoes, vegetables and onions. In collaboration with the district administrations, the Department of Agricultural Marketing has started operating a mobile market for agricultural products.”

In addition, a letter has been sent from the Department of Agricultural Marketing to the district administrations to take action for the movement of trucks in case of dispatch of surplus agricultural products in the lockdown areas. As a result, marketing of vegetables has become a bit easier, he said.