Corona testing lab needed in N’ganj

Published : 23 Apr 2020 09:28 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:55 PM

Although Narayanganj health department dedicated for a 300-bed hospital at Khanpur to provide treatment for Covid-19 patients, the essential device to diagnose disease was not set up in the hospital so far.

A total if two general hospitals in Narayangaj that have capacity 400-bed of those one is Narayanganj General (Victoria) Hospital and the other is Khanpur Hospital. Instead of having two government hospital in the town, a few days ago didn’t have admitted of any COVID-19 patient in those hospitals due to unavailable of Corona virus testing lab and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) also requisite medical assistances. 

Narayanganj is vulnerable in both number of COVID-19 patients and their treatment capacity in want of sufficient medical technology support. Health department confirm that two testing lab are underway to set up soon, one is Khanpur hospital in the town and the other is Kanchan area in Rupganj upazila of the district.

Frustrated eyes are been glooming day by day as the visible preparation and provided assurance are have far distance , a patients relative told this correspondent in anonymous  condition, after death his mother.  

According to the health department the Corona infected patients are 499, cured 16 including district Civil Surgeon and died 35 so far. After Corona virus infection detected in the district the general patients have been deprived from the treatment in public and private hospitals on excuse of Corona suspect physicians disagree to provide treatment.

The civil society of the district and Mayor Narayanganj city corporation DR. Selina Hayat Ivy had urged the government to install PCR lab and ICU unit at least in a public hospital in the district as any suspect or infected of COVID-19 get treatment easily. Otherwise , Corona suspect patients had to move for Dhaka from Narayanganj and then the patient and his or her near and dear one suffered a plenty pain even had to face an ill-fate at last.