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Corona patients at home hardly get treatment

Published : 04 Jun 2020 09:03 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 10:20 PM

Coronavirus infected patients expressed their agony saying that they hardly get any treatment due to lack of sufficient arrangements. 

Although 15 percent patients are being treated at more than 50 government-private hospitals dedicated to Covid-19 patients in different cities of the country including the capital Dhaka. Whereas some 75 per cent others who are affected with corona are now in home and receiving, experts said.

Many are forced to stay at home due to lack of seats in the hospital and fearing not getting proper treatment there. 

The government has introduced telemedicine, medical services through telephone. Most of the patients are deprived of that facility due to lack of adequate services.

Senior officials of the health department and public health experts have admitted that it is not possible to keep in touch with all the patients as the number of infected people has been increased exponentially.

According to them, the logistic support of telemedicine at present makes it possible to have regular contact with a maximum of 8 to 10 thousand patients. More manpower is required to provide telemedicine services to more patients. 

There is no availability of doctors for the treatment of at least 85% of patients with corona, sources said.

According to the Department of Health, in the beginning, only IEDCR doctors treated almost all corona patients at home. People made phone calls and received service. IEDCR doctors also used to call the patient at regular intervals. However, now it is not possible to maintain that activity as the number of infected people have been increased abnormally.

Although the national health hotline number 16263 has been added to the telemedicine service, there are a lack of manpower.

Public health expert Dr Ruhul Amin said early reopening of shops and markets has increased the risk of coronavirus. 

“With the opening of offices, courts, public transports and all kinds of industrial and commercial establishments after the general holiday, the risk of corona infections has increased alarmingly. This will further complicate the situation.”

The government should take proper steps in this regard now, he added. 

Institute of Child and Mother Hospital (ICMH), Dr Abdul Wahid said patients with corona who have fever, mild cough, mild sore throat and other mild symptoms need not to be hospitalized.

“In addition, those who do not have any symptoms, but have been diagnosed with the disease can take treatment at home. It is possible to treat them through telemedicine. However, in this case, there must be a specific telemedicine service.”

Those who will provide services need to get training in telemedicine and corona treatment, the expert further said.