Corona infection declines in Rajshahi

Published : 24 Apr 2021 09:56 PM

In the aftermath of the second wave of the Coronavirus infection, the number of Covid-19 virus infected patients starts to increase in Rajshahi. More than one hundred patients are detected with the Coronavirus in the laboratory of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital in an average daily. Most of such infected patients were from Rajshahi district. The situation continued to deteriorate and more wards of RMCH were opened for treating the Corona infected patients. 

But, now the situation is improving for the last couples of days. However, Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi is not hopeful over such improvement of the situation. He said, the situation would deteriorate any time if no strict health rule is maintained. 

According to sources of Corona Testing Laboratories in Rajshahi, on March-1, 2021,  187 people were tested for Corona of whom eight were tested positive, 17 tested positive from among 277 people on March 10 while 18 each were tested positive among 282 and 280 people on March 15 and March 20 respectively. On March 21 a total of 30 were found positive among 277 samples while on March 23 Corona was tested positive for 34 people from testing 281 samples. 

But, the Corona infection during the first phase of April this year increased further. According to Rajshahi Civil Surgeon office sources, on April-1 Corona was detected among 35 people, on April-2 the number increased to 55, on April-3 the number was 20, on  April-4 the number increased to 40, on April-5 the number further increased to 80, on April-6 the number of infection was 45 and on April 7,8,9 and 10 the number of Corona positive patients stood at 29, 41, 65 and 74 respectively.

According to sources, the total number of Corona infected patients stood at 646 during the first 10-day of April. But, after the lockdown, the number of infection continued to decline and in 10-day from April-13 to April-22, samples of a total of 432 people were tested positive which is 314 less than the first 19 day of infection. 

From April 14, the Corona infection showed a continuous downward trend. On April 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 the number of Corona positive patients were 80, 76, 45, 35, 23, 49, 30, 38, 33 and 23 respectively.  

However, though the Corona infection shows a declining trend in Rajshahi, the number of Corona related death is continuing to grow. On April this year so far 11 patients died of Coronavirus infection, Of those seven died during the last 10-day. The number of death with Corona symptom is further higher in Rajshahi. In Rajshahi Medical College Hospital a total of eight patients died with Corona symptom in a single day on the second week of April. 

RMCH sources informed, three patients died with Corona symptom on last Friday (22 April) while 90 patients died with Corona symptom during last 33-day at the hospital. Now, 117 patients with Corona symptom were taking treatment at RMCH. 

Dr. Quiyum Talukder, Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi said the Corona infection rate has declined recently. The rate of infection in Corona was 20 to 25 percent five to seven days ago. Now the rate of infection has declined to 10 t0 11 percent. Yesterday (23 April) the percentage of Corona infection was 10.48. The average percentage of infection in Corona during the April this year is 13 percent which is still a worrying percent. It will be proven safe if the percentage of infection came down to less than 5 percent. But, it is not sure when this low percentage will be achieved. The infection may increase suddenly at any moment. He reiterated, the percentage of infection will decline if the people follow the health rules strictly. The infection maintains a rate chain. The chain will be breached if people maintain health rules. The chain has been broken somewhat during the second phase of infection but it has not been declined fully.