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Corona cases quadruple in Rajshahi in 11 days

Published : 12 Jan 2022 10:19 PM | Updated : 13 Jan 2022 03:33 PM

Coronavirus situation in Rajshahi is turning worse day by day. Recent statistics of the Department of Health shows Rajshahi has been under a mid-level risk of Corona contamination and has been declared a Yellow Zone in the country.

Though only one Corona patient is under treatment in the upazilas of the district, the number of infections is increasing alarmingly in the city areas. There was zero infection rate during the last week of December last year. But, the scenario changed in January.The Corona increased four fold during the first 11-day of January.

However, Director of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital opined, the sudden increase of Coronavirus appears to be of Omicron variety. 

According to Civil Surgeon Office sources in Rajshahi, at present only one Coronavirus patient is under treatment in nine upazilas of the district while a total of 142 Corona patients have been identified under Rajshahi City Corporation areas.

According to sources in December-2020, a total of 116 patients were detected to be infected with Coronavirus by testing samples of 6,235 people. The rate of infection was 1.86 percent. In December 2021, Coronavirus was detected among 131 patients by testing samples of 6,131 persons. 

 The rate of detection was 2.12 percent. From January 1 to 11 this year, 151 were detected with Coronavirus by testing samples of 1,728 people. The rate of infection stood at 8.74 percent.

On Jan-1, four were tested positive from among 142 with a rate of detection of 2.82%, on Jan-5, 11 were tested positive by testing 150 samples. The rate of detection stood at 7.33% and on last Jan-11, Coronavirus was detected among 26 patients by testing samples of 214 people. The rate of detection on the day was 12.15%.   

Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani, Director of RMCH said, the infected Coronavirus appears to be Omicron variety. The Genome sequence of the virus could not be done at present. But, he said, in spite of an increased number of infections, the number of patients at the hospital has not increased so far. It is a good sign that in compared to an increased infection, the number of admitted patients at the hospital is less in number. 

He further informed, in case of an increased number of patients, RMCH is prepared to treat them. He said, now Coronavirus infected patients are being admitted and treated in four wards of the hospital and, if needed, 14 wards would be turned to Corona dedicated wards.

Dr Abu Sayed Md Faruk, Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi informed, Rajshahi is now under medium risk of Coronavirus infection. Awareness among the people is increasing and no one is allowed to enter into the hospital without wearing masks. Step is also underway to vaccinate school and college going children aged 12 to 17. He further said, upazila health complexes will be brought under the central Oxygen supply system.    

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