Cooperation sought to protect migratory birds

Take necessary steps for their protection

Published : 09 May 2021 08:10 PM | Updated : 10 May 2021 01:45 AM

In our country every winter, a variety of birds come from every part of the world including Europe and Siberia. However, some ill-motivated groups of people hunt them down and kill them. Now, in the past few years under the strict measures of the authorities concerned, the killing rate has lowered remarkably. 

During a recent online discussion organized by the Forest Department on the occasion of World Migratory Bird Day-2021, our Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister said that the government wants to stop illegal bird hunting once and for all.


concerned should frame

 migratory bird protection strategies

Regular operations are constantly being carried out across the country to halt illegal bird hunting and trade. The wrongdoers are being fined and sometimes are imprisoned by various terms through mobile court drives, which has dropped the crime rate significantly. More roadshows, rallies, discussion meetings and trainings should be organised at the field level. These activities should be conducted in order to make the local people aware of the preservation of migratory birds.

Authorities concerned should frame migratory bird protection strategies. Necessary measures should be taken to conserve the migratory birds and safeguard a proper environment for them here. Relevant authorities should make sure of proper maintenance and management of the lakes where the birds eat their food form so that their food chain is not being affected. It is our responsibility to create a welcoming vibe so that the birds get back a sense of security and start visiting in large folks again.