Controversial preacher Taw Haa stayed in hiding

Police claim he instigates militancy

Controversial Islamic preacher   Abu Taw Haa Mohammad Adnan went  in hiding for personal reasons, police said after his return from mysterious disappearance for more than a week .

Despite having no Islamic  education, he was circulating various controversial, anti-state propaganda through misinterpreting Islam and the Holy Quran.

Counter terrorism experts hinted that Abu Taw Haa was also instigating militancy by circulating his hate propaganda.

Deputy Commissioner ( DC) of  Rangpur Metropolitan Police ( RMP) Abu Maruf Hossain said this at a press conference at the RMP’s Detective Branch (DB) office at Rangpur town on Friday  afternoon.

He said, “ There were two general diaries  in the Abu Taw Haa missing case. His mother filed a GD and Amiruddin's brother Faisal, who  was also missing , filed another GD.”

“After the two GDs, we  had started our massive hunts to trace him. Our investigation was going on in different ways.

 “We secretly came to know that Abu Taw Haa is currently hiding in his first wife's house. He was later taken to the DB office”, the RMP officer continued.

According to the police officer, Abdul Muhith, Firoz Alam and driver Amir Uddin along with Abu Taw Haa left Rangpur for Dhaka on June 10 by renting a private car. When they reached Gabtali in the capital city of Dhaka, Abu Taw Haa moved to Trimohoni in Gaibandha due to personal problems. He stayed at the house of his friend Siam. Abdul Muhith, Firoz Alam and driver Amir Uddin were also present at the time.

He  said, “ While staying in the house, everyone kept their mobile phones switched off. He decided to stay in hiding for some time. He told his friends that he wanted to stay in hiding due to various family and personal problems. He asked them to turn off their mobile phones.

As per the request of Abu Taw Haa, his other accomplices  also voluntarily went in hiding.

Replying to a question, RMP officer vowed that they would look into whether the incident is a conspiracy to embarrass the state or the government, even if they claim to be in hiding voluntarily.

Abu Taw Haa  is being grilled. He is now in police custody. Preparations are underway to take Abdul Muhith from Jaigirhat in Mithapukur and Firoz Alam from Shibganj in Bogra to police custody.

Quoting Abu Taw Haa, the Deputy Commissioner of Police said, Abu Taw Haa informed us of some of his personal problems. We are verifying   his claims.

 We will hand him over to Rangpur Kotwali police station, he further said.

Responding to question , the senior police officer said , I don't want to bring up his personal issues at the moment..

He told  that the family of Abu Taw Haa informed us  at 2 pm on Friday that he (Abu Taw Haa) had returned home. Abu Taw Haa was taken to Kotwali police station for questioning from the house of Azharul Islam Mandal in Masterpara area of the city at around 3.15 pm. Later he was taken to the DB office from there.

A local resident saw Abu Taw Haa at Masterpara of Rangpur city around 12 noon on Friday. But Abu Taw Haa did not say anything at that time. He said to be silent with his finger in his mouth.

It was alleged that four people, including Abu Taw Haa, went missing on their way back to Dhaka after the Waz mahfil in Rangpur.  Abu Taw Haa 's family said they went missing from Gabtali in Dhaka. Three others who were with Abu Taw Haa  also went missing . They could not be traced for more than a week.

Those who went missing with  Abu Taw Haa were Abdul Mukit, Mohammad Firoz and driver Amir Uddin Fayez. According to Abu Taw Haa 's family and law enforcement sources, they used to attend various Islamic ceremonies and gatherings.

Abu Taw Haa 's real name is Afshanul Adnan. He is  31 years old. His mother is Azeda Begum and father is Rafiqul Islam. Younger sister Ritika Rubaiyat Islam. Abu Taw Haa's first wife is Abida Nur, who has a three-year-old daughter and a one-and-a-half-year-old son.

After the death of his father,  Abu Taw Haa grew up in his grandfather's house on central road in Rangpur city. After his marriage, he lived with his wife and children in the New Shalban area of the city. A few months ago,  Abu Taw Haa got married again. His second wife Sabikunnahar, is a director and teacher at the Mirpur Al Idfan Islamic Girls Madrasa in Mirpur in the capital  Dhaka.

Abu Taw Haa did not receive formal Arabic or Islamic education. He completed Honours and Masters in Philosophy from Carmichael College. He studied at a local madrasa for some times to learn the Holy Qur'an. At this time he became involved with an organization called Ahle Hadith. Abu Taw Haa is also involved in a number of organizations, including the Life Foundation, Path of Light and Academic Qur'an Studies. He is also the founder of Mirpur Al Idfan Islamic Girls Madrasa in Dhaka.