Controversial incidents, conspiracies against govt: Hasan Mahmud

Published : 18 Oct 2021 10:40 PM | Updated : 20 Oct 2021 10:57 AM

Various incidents have taken place in different parts of the country including Cumilla to bring the government into disarray. The incidents are motivated as conspiracies against the government. 

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud made the remarks while exchanging views with reporters at the teaser launch of the film 'Chiranjib Mujib' on the occasion of Sheikh Russel Day at the conference room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Monday.

In response to what the government is doing about attacks that are happening in different places including Cumilla, Dr. Hassan Mahmud said, “It is very clear that all of these incidents are politically motivated and aim to destabilize the country and put the government in disarray. 

However, the government has been looking to tackle this with zero tolerance.”

He added that a group is doing communal politics in Bangladesh. The incident that took place in Cumilla and was further spread through social media.

“It was done only to create chaos in the country. There are fanatical groups in the country who look to create chaos and disrupt communal harmony. 

Such groups including BNP-Jamaat have created such chaos at different times in the past as well,” he said.

When asked how the minister sees such an incident in a place like Rangpur's Pirganj, which is the constituency of the PM, he said that it is very natural for such groups to choose Pirganj

“They have chosen a place where the government can be questioned. The incident took place in Pirganj due to this reason. 

A few houses were set on fire when it was pitch dark,”  he said.