Consumer Rights Act not implemented in Kishoreganj

Published : 04 Dec 2022 08:23 PM

In Kishoreganj, consumers rush to the district office of the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection only when they are cheated. However, due to lack of manpower, the range of services cannot be increased. However, they conducted 69 raids in the last 5 months (June to November) and were fined Tk 14 lakh 22 thousand 500. The total number of complaints was 39. Out of this, 21 thousand taka has been fined by settling 31 complaints. 5250 was given to the complainants. 8 complaints are pending disposal.

According to sources, an assistant director and an office assistant work in the district office. There is no office of the directorate at the upazila level in Kishoreganj. For this reason, it is not possible for one official to protect the rights of thousands of consumers even if he wants to. According to law, the buyer or consumer has specific rights in respect of goods as well as services. But this office does not have any technology to trace Facebook page (various online traders sell low quality lehenga instead of high quality lehenga). There is no quality control system to detect oil adulteration. Sources of the Directorate said that the cooperation of the quality control agency is very necessary.

Consumer rights act of 2009 needs to be amended. They said the scope of punishment should be increased for those who cheat consumers. Section 70 of Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009 can take administrative measures related to cancellation of business license, temporary or permanent suspension of business activities. But due to the pressure of influential circles, the implementation of this law cannot be observed in Kishoreganj.

It is reported that the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection imposed a fine of Tk 2 lakh on M/S. Swarna Electronics and Saqib Electronics of the district town on Tuesday this year (26 July) for selling fake cables. Midul Crockeries was fined Tk 20,000 for selling fake Sony Bravia brand LED TVs during a month-long industrial goods and trade fair held at Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Stadium in the district town on Tuesday (November 1) afternoon. On Sunday (August 7), Golden Well Company & Filling Station and Himu Filling Station of Sadar Upazila were fined Tk 3 lakh for rigging measurements. 

On Sunday (September 4), Microlab Diagnostic Center of Hossainpur Upazila was fined Tk 40,000 for keeping expired re-agent. Some of these raids started riots in the district. Fraudsters tricking consumers begin to tread carefully. However, fraud and violation of consumer rights could not be stopped. Fixed prices are not accepted for selling products through any medium - online or in person. Price list not shown. On the contrary, under the nose of the administration, food products, used goods and medicines are being sold at much higher prices than the prescribed prices. The sale of fake products or drugs has not stopped. A mixture of prohibited substances is given in human food. Production or processing of substandard products in illegal process is going on in parallel. Consumers are being lured by falsely misleading advertisements. Weight manipulation. Fake and expired products are being sold. In addition, he could not stop the non-standard passenger service. Passengers of all routes are suffering.

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) Kishoreganj Unit President Alam Sarwar Titu said that consumers should be more aware in implementing the Consumer Rights Act. The main obstacle to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Vision 2041 is the non-implementation of the Consumer Rights Act. A class of unscrupulous traders syndicates and destabilizes the market. They should be brought under long term punishment. Consumer rights must be guaranteed. If the market is stable, many entrepreneurs will be interested in investing.

Assistant Director of Consumer Rights Protection Directorate Kishoreganj District Hriday Ranjan Banik said, National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection Kishoreganj is playing a leading role in the implementation of consumer rights with the cooperation of all stakeholders including Kishoreganj administration, police department and intelligence department. In this case the role of cab and media is commendable. Media is creating awareness among marginal consumers by publishing campaign reports of the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection.

He said that it will be possible to provide more services if the law is amended and recruitment of manpower to ensure quick and easy service to more than three lakh consumers at the district level. In this regard, the department seeks everyone's cooperation.