Consumer protection still not ensured

Strict application of law needed

Bangladesh has a large consumer base. But, even after 48 years of independence, consumer rights are yet to be effectively enforced in all sectors. On the other hand, we see that the developed countries have given due emphasis on consumer rights as it means health and economic wellbeing of the consumers. 

Consumer protection, in the broader sense, refers to the laws and regulations that ensure fair interaction between service providers and consumers. The right to “safe goods and services” is included in the “right to life” which is a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 32 of the Constitution. Now-a-days, consumers are much worried about what they buy and eat, from kitchen markets to posh restaurants.   We as consumers have the “right to choose and buy” the necessary services; at the same time we are also entitled by law to be provided with “safe goods and services”. 

There is a need to formulate strong

 law in order to increase competitiveness 

among businesses so that consumers 

can get quality goods and services at fair prices

But, unfortunately, consumers are being cheated right and left, even by large multinationals, through marketing substandard products like milk, cooking oil, bottled water, spices and many types of cooked and semi-cooked items. Most of the fishes, meats, fruits and vegetables are mixed with preservative chemicals which are in fact hazardous to human body. Though sometimes many such big businesses have been punished by the relevant authorities, yet the business goes on as usual once the drive has been concluded. 

Protection of consumer rights empowers the consumers and makes them more confident. Thus it helps boost competition and spur economic growth. In this regard, there is a need to formulate strong law in order to increase competitiveness among businesses so that consumers can get quality goods and services at fair prices.