Construction of the bridge on river Feni delayed

Published : 24 Mar 2022 08:07 PM

Feni River devides Mirsarai upazila and Chagalnaiya upazila of Feni as it flows through the middle of these upazilas. People of both banks of Feni River after a long period of time got excited over the news that the (proposed) Engineer Mosharraf Hossain Bridge under construction on the Feni River. Once this bridge is complete, communication between both the upazila will be much smoother, locals stated. 

It is learned that the Department of Local Government Engineering (LGED) is spending Tk 30 crore for the construction of the 252 meter long bridge in Dhum village area of Dhum union over Feni River. Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Member of Parliament for Mirsarai, inaugurated the development work of the bridge on 23 December 2020. Although the work on the bridge was supposed to be completed in October this year, the authorities said that it would be completed in the middle of next year due to the slow pace of work last year and would be opened to the public.

Mirsarai Upazila Engineer Mohammad Kamruzzaman said 30 per cent work on the bridge has been completed. It is expected to be completed by June or July 2023. Once completed, it will be open to the public and vehicles. Fazlul Haque, proprietor of HEHT (JB), a contractor, said 30 percent of the work on the bridge had been completed. 

It is expected to be completed by June-July next year (2023).

Meanwhile, visiting Alakdia village of Gopal union in Chagalnaiya upazila of Feni and talking to the locals, it is seen that they are happy with the construction of this bridge. Dreaming of a new day. Village madrasa teachers, mosque imams, farmers, students are all overwhelmed.

Jahangir Alam Bhuiyan, a resident of the village, said, "If the bridge is built, the boys and girls of our village will be able to go to school and college. The communication system will improve. The culture of one area will be exchanged with another.”

  Regarding the implementation of the Dhoom Bridge, Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Member of Parliament for Mirsarai, said, "I once saw the people of Alakdia village crossing the river with great difficulty. I hope the suffering of the people will be removed. They will be able to cross Mirsarai through this bridge and enjoy education, health and economic benefits here. They will have the opportunity to lead a better life.'