Construction of rail-track linking Rooppur NPP nears end

Jahangir Hossain, Ishwardi

The construction and renovation of 26.52-kilometre long railway tract connecting Ishwardi to Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant site is nearing completion. 

Out of the total tract, nine-kilometre of the tract is being constructed freshly and rest 17.52-kilometre tract is being turned to dual gauge rail track from the prevailing single gauge one.  

The rail track is being constructed from by-pass take up point of Ishwardi to the Rooppur NPP. 

It is learnt, recently the Ministry of Science and Technology took up a project amounting Taka 335 crore 97 lakh for the implementation of a project entitled,"  Renovation and construction work including signalling for  Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant". After construction of the project, a safe, speedy goods train service will be intruded for carrying construction materials of Rooppur NPP. 

Dr Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Member of Planning Commission said, Rooppur NPP is a priority project of the government and through the construction of the railway track, it will be possible to carry instruments and goods of NPP safely and speedily through goods trains. 

The ongoing railway track construction project includes the construction of a 'B' type railway station, 13 level crossings and seven box -culverts. 

According to sources, a total of Taka 1,13, 092 crores is being spent for implementation of works of the second phase of the main project Rooppur NPP.

Two units of the plant will produce 2,400 megawatts of electricity (1,200 megawatts each) and the construction of the project is likely to be completed in 2025. 

The works of the first unit of the project will be completed by 2021 to 2023. The works include the setting of the reactor vessel, steam generator, polar crane and turbine while the generation of electricity from the first unit is expected to start in 2024 and from the second unit by 2025. 

Project Director of NPP Shakat Akbar informed the NPP of Rooppur is the greatest priority project of the country. 

The works of construction of the project is being continued by following health rules even during the Coronavirus pandemic. He hoped the construction works of the project will be completed in due time.