Complication over virus clearance leaves people stranded at Benapole

Published : 27 Nov 2020 09:36 PM

Many Bangladeshi passport passengers, including cancer patients, have been stranded at the Benapole International check post due to complications over coronavirus negative certificate.

All these passengers from India are in trouble as they are not aware of the Corona Negative Certificate.

 The members of the immigration police and medical team are in trouble while implementing the government instructions. They also do not allow stranded passengers to enter Bangladesh as they do not have Corona Negative Certificate. Immigration police said the Bangladesh Foreign Office had instructed all returning passengers to enter Bangladesh within 72 hours with a negative Corona certificate taken within seven days from November 23 to prevent corona.

Until Thursday, passengers from India could enter the country without  corona negative  certificate through the Benaplo checkpost, but they have not been able to enter since Friday.

The aggrieved passengers said they went to India from Bangladesh with Corona Negative Certificate.

But they did not know that they would have to bring the Corona Negative Certificate from India when they returned.

After coming to Benapole Immigration from India today, it is said that you will need a Corona Negative Certificate.

But with them, various complex patients including cancer are also stuck.

Dr Bichitra Mallick, a health officer working at the Benapole checkpost immigration, said they had nothing to do outside government directives.

At present more than hundred Bangladeshi passengers are stranded in the checkpost area.

They will not be able to enter the country without a Corona Negative Certificate.

Benapole Checkpost Police Immigration OC Mohsin Ali said the instructions were given in an official manner within seven days.

Now we have nothing to do if those who were in India do not know this.

However, special instructions may come from the high officials regarding the Bangladeshis who entered on Friday.

Rokonuzaman . Date: - 26.11.20