Commuters suffer for traffic gridlock

More designated spots for car parking needed

Commuters’ never-ending suffering from traffic gridlock continues to rise at an alarming level. With each passing day, the traffic congestion problem seems to take its toll because of the lack of vision from the officials concerned. Same old reasons   for gridlock are getting intense which is leading to unbearable anguish of the commuters.    

It is known that a city should have at least 25 percent of roads. However, Dhaka has only 7 to 8 percent of roads. This shows why it is difficult for the government to control the capital’s traffic. It is a stern task we know, but it is not something this government cannot solve. Dedication of all the officials concerned is needed to give some relief to the commuters from   traffic jam. 

Commuters should take the fair share 

of blame for gridlock as many of us 

break traffic law irresponsibly

Currently, construction of numerous mega projects is taking place which will ease the city’s traffic gridlock and this includes Dhaka Metro Rail Project. However, city-dwellers’ sufferings have increased because of the metro rail construction as it has made the important roads in the city shrink due to the construction work.

Steps which the government can take to improve the current state are improving the management of traffic and creating more public awareness. More designated spots for car parking and more foot over bridges are needed.

Commuters should also take the fair share of the blame for gridlock as many of us break traffic laws irresponsibly, this common social phenomenon needs to be addressed quickly.