Community clinics serve rural people

Ensure comprehensive healthcare services

The government’s inclusive measures to provide treatment in rural people’s doorsteps have seen substantial success. Amid the pandemic, thousands of community clinics in rural areas are providing treatment and diagnosis to the grassroots people.

The health workers in those community clinics are providing medicare services to the people on a regular basis when regular public and private hospitals in urban areas are struggling to keep up their standard due to various problems like shortage of doctors, health staff, and necessary health equipment. Rural populations are also getting free treatment and medicines in these community clinics across the country.

Government should look forward to 

equipping the clinics with adequate

facilities and skilled manpower

Now what is needed is to ensure all-inclusive healthcare services to the rural people. It includes proper testing and treatment of coronavirus as well as other diseases. 

In order to do that the government should look forward to equipping the clinics with adequate facilities and skilled manpower. The successful operation of community clinics, especially in rural areas, depends on people with required skills. Doctors must be trained and motivated to work in rural areas and the government should offer adequate incentives to them.

Support from the mass media and the developing partners are also needed in promoting the usefulness of the community clinics around the country. Government should also put more emphasis on enhancing and safeguard successfully functioning community clinics nationwide.