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Kudos to the government

Published : 28 Mar 2021 08:29 PM | Updated : 29 Mar 2021 12:33 AM

The incumbent government has been working relentlessly for the development of the country’s road and transport infrastructures. A good number of projects have been going on in full swing to take our transport sector to the level of first world countries. One can look around and observe round the clock work going on at various sites to improve the country’s communication and transportation system. Apart from bridges, roads and highways, a number of flyovers, metro rail and elevated expressway are also being constructed both in capital Dhaka and other metropolitan cities to ease the traffic system. 

Addressing road connectivity as the most important factor for rapid and holistic development of a country, the Road Transport and Highways Division (RTHD) has taken various initiatives to upgrade all the important highways to four-lane.  Currently the government is upgrading a total of 3,900 kilometres of national highway to four lanes across the country. Also massive project is going on to connect three important hill districts — Rangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban. To develop the country’s tourism, the government has also planned to construct roads between Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar.

We appreciate the government’s enthusiasm towards 

prioritising the country’s road and transportation sector in its 

development agenda

The government has also taken up various initiatives to connect Bangladesh with the regional and international road network. As part of these initiatives, passenger and freight services are extended to different international routes. The country will be connected to the Trans-Asian Railway and the Asian Highway Network.

We appreciate the government’s enthusiasm towards prioritising the country’s road and transportation sector in its development agenda. No doubt timely implementation of all these projects will have the desired effect on the economy of the country and in order to do that concerted efforts on the part of all the stakeholders is a must. Also, the government must try to curb corruption and ensure proper monitoring to attain successful completion of all development projects.