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Communal politics behind Cumilla’s incident: Dr Hasan

Published : 17 Oct 2021 10:33 PM | Updated : 18 Oct 2021 11:37 AM

"Those who do communal politics have caused the incident in Cumilla to destroy communal harmony in the country," said Awami League Joint General Secretary as well as Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud.

He made the remarks when asked about BNP's comments on the issue, during a view-exchange with reporters at the Information and Broadcasting Ministry's conference room at the Secretariat on Sunday afternoon.

"Who does politics with communalism?" with this question Hassan said, "Those who do politics with communal groups, those who want to make the country a Taliban state, want to make this country an Islamic republic, are a part of the BNP alliance. There are many leaders in BNP who did not want this country. Those are the people that have caused the incident in Cumilla.”

"The truth behind the incident in Cumilla will definitely come out and it will be as clear as daylight. Besides, the purpose for which it was videotaped and re-spread through social media is very clear,” the minister said.

When, the epidemic is coming under control, and the country is moving forward even amid the pandemic situation, failing to reach out to the people with various political statements, they have resorted to this unscrupulous means. That is why the BNP-Jamaat and their allied communal extremists have joined hands to destroy the communal harmony and bring the government into disarray in the interest of political gain, he added. Earlier, the Information Minister said, “Bangladesh is now ranked 75th, by moving up 13 positions in the World Hunger Index-2019, released by Food Policy International Institute. Meanwhile India ranked 98th and Pakistan ranked 88th in the same index. He further added, “Bangladesh, the 92nd largest and most densely populated country in the world in terms of area, has the lowest per capita agricultural land. Despite this, due to the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and various agriculture and farmer friendly programmes and policies, we are third in vegetable and rice production, third or fourth in freshwater fish production as well as 7th in potato production.”

This is also a surprise to the World Food Programme. This has been made possible only by the dynamic leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh is exporting more than one billion dollars worth of agricultural products each year and the government is moving ahead with plans to increase it to two billion dollars and gradually increase it even further, Hasan said.

Adding that, Bangladesh has taken a step forward in the rule of law index, Dr Hasan Mahmud said, “Activities get sharpened through criticism and we want that but, my question is whether those who heat the television screens every day will congratulate the government after this achievement. We have taken a step forward in the rule of law index among the questions raised about the rule of law, now what those critics will say is my question.”

All these developments under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina are a great milestone in transforming the country into a developed country on the path of fulfilling Bangabandhu's dream and congratulations to the Prime Minister for this. Moreover, congratulations to all the people of the country and journalists, said Awami League Joint General Secretary Hasan Mahmud.

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