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‘Communal evil forces conspiring to cause Hindu-Muslim riots’

Published : 16 Oct 2021 10:58 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 01:18 PM

Evil forces of the community and anti-independence forces are trying to tarnish all the achievements of the country by staging Hindu-Muslim riots. The people of the country under the leadership of PM Sheikh Hasina need to unite and strictly resist all conspirators.

Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Md Tajul Islam made the comments while speaking as the chief guest at a seminar on '50 Years to Achieve the Future’ in Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)’ organized by the Local Government Department at Hotel Sonargaon on Saturday on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Independence and Mujib Year.

The Minister said unprecedented development has been achieved in all areas including education, health, food, water, security, infrastructure, communication. The country is a role model for world development today as people from all religions are all working together. However, the enemies of the country are trying to destroy this unity and communal harmony.

“The country is moving forward in development and there is no way to stop this progress. Some have started playing with people's feelings using religion and creating divisions between devout Muslims and Hindus by keeping the Qur'an in the temple and creating conspiracies,” he said.

He added that when there is no situation to go to the field with thugs and terrorists, religion and new tactics are being used. The real incident will be revealed to the nation soon and none of those involved in the incident will be spared.

The minister further informed that preliminary work has been started on the National Water Grid Line to meet the future water demand of the country. There are also plans for a transboundary water grid line.

“The canals have been handed over from WASA to City Corporation to make Dhaka a modern, attractive and livable city. The two mayors have been working on the challenge since taking office,” he said.

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