Commonwealth Games brings pride to Birmingham

Published : 26 Jul 2022 07:20 PM | Updated : 26 Jul 2022 07:20 PM

Enthusiasm and excitement has been gradually building and going up to it’s pick of Birmingham when the unexpected wave of emotion caused by enormous heat all over England (Europe) washed over when driving past the Commonwealth Games-dressed Coventry Building Society Arena in the strong Sunday morning breeze.

There is also a real buzz for Birmingham 2022 in Centenary Square which features the countdown clock, a large merchandise store and flags of all the 72 Commonwealth nations and territories on large pin badges attached to railings, after an enormous hot weather just disrupted the daily lives of people in England (Europe).

Emotions with the games euphoria gripped the peoples of Birmingham when the Olympic Rings stood proudly in the roundabout next to the stadium as it hosted football matches during London 2012.

The Queen's Baton Relay also passed through the historic city recently as it makes its way through the region, generating excitement wherever it goes.

Geoff Berkley, a journalists of a local media when talking to this correspondent said, “The arrival of the Games will be another major moment for Birmingham - a city that is renowned for its role in the different historic events, the place where of Shakespeare born very nearer to, the biggest library in Europe is here, the scientist James Watts and the UK City of British Culture.”

The Games is of course an enormous boost for the city and will see the benefits in for long future, as one of the journalists of local media house Geoff Berkley thinks.   

However, Molly, student of Birmingham university, very fond of sports, working as a volunteer at the ‘Birmingham Megastore’ a shop when different souvenir of the Games when talking to the Bangladesh Post, said, "I am Molly living adjacent to the Birmingham city, I am student of Law department of the Birmingham University. I have taken the opportunity to work here, it’s different experiences to work here in the Birmingham Megastore, a store where all the people including players and journalists can buy what they likes.”

“I really interested in sports and it’s amazing inspiration to have the opportunity to work here. I like sports but hockey and swimming I like very much. I am great supporter of England team,” said 19 years old Molly.      

“We have got athletes coming from all over the world with their own entourages. It's a good opportunity to show what is great about Birmingham. I am Birmingham born and bred so it is nice to see the city developing to what it is today and can continue developing as well and the Games will have a knock-on effect across the West Midlands.”

A construction worker of Birmingham, who have been based at the University of Birmingham where a large portion of the athletes will be staying, has witnessed the transformation of the city and believes the hosting of the Games could elevate it and the region to another level.

Now, Birmingham city is fully ready to accommodate and coordinate thousands of athletes, organizers, related people personalities with the Commonwealth Games.