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Commercially successful rooftop gardening

Published : 20 Mar 2021 09:56 PM | Updated : 21 Mar 2021 12:34 AM

Creating rooftop garden was initially conceived as a form of hobby, but this has now been turned into a commercial venture, attracting many to go for it to earn money in Chuadanga. 

Abdur Rashid Titu, a resident of Thana road of Chuadanga town, has built the garden on the roof of his four-storey building. Abdur Rashid's rooftop garden has a variety of local and foreign trees. Every month he sells trees worth Tk fifty to sixty thousand just through online.

Thailand's frangipani, adenium, euphorbia, various types of orchids, cactus and some exceptional local and foreign trees can be found at the rooftop garden of Abdur Rashid. These trees are not usually found everywhere. That is why when Abdur Rashid posts on his social media page about any new tree; it creates a stir among the customers. 

Abdur Rashid said that in the beginning he started gardening as a hobby. Later he started producing seedlings to preserve these exceptional trees, and then commercial concept of gardening came to him. At present, he earns at least Tk fifty to sixty thousand every month.

There are four thousand trees of 400 to 500 species in the three and a half thousand square feet area of the Rashid’s rooftop garden. He believes his idea of a commercial rooftop gardening will inspire many unemployed youths. The neighbors said, not that everyone here has a rooftop garden. But those who are neighbors of Abdur Rashid are fascinated to see his garden from their respective roofs. He has a collection of the most exceptional trees. 

Jobaer Rashid Sunny, son of Abdur Rashid, said that his father's rooftop garden is about 35-40 years old. “We have been watching this garden since childhood. Gardening has become a kind of addiction for my father. It has been 10/12 years since he turned it into a commercial garden”, he added.  

Shaheen Shahnewaz, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Chuadanga Agricultural Extension Department said, “I am overwhelmed by his rooftop garden. His success will inspire and motivate the youth of our country to move forward.”

Agriculturist and District Training Officer of Chuadanga Agricultural Extension Department Sufi Md Rafiquzzaman said, usually the gardens on the roofs of the houses are made for recreation. But Abdur Rashid has succeeded in commercialising it, leaving an element of inspiration for the young entrepreneurs.