Commercial cultivation of dragon fruit in Jashore

Published : 08 Aug 2021 09:18 PM

Profitable dragon fruit is being cultivated commercially in Chaugacha upazila of Jashore district. 

Once upon a time, dragon fruit trees were planted in the yard as a hobby. At present, many people have become self-sufficient by cultivating this fruit.

The farmers think that it will be possible to export this expensive fruit to the local demand with the help of the government.

Chaugachha upazila has always been famous for cultivating vegetables including paddy, jute, maize and wheat. Commercially, mango, guava, kul and several other fruits are being cultivated here. At present, the farmers of this region are getting more profit by cultivating dragon.

Many farmers have started dragon farming on 5/6 bighas of land.

Many have already become self-rliant. Again many farmers are dreaming of becoming self-sufficient.

Chowgachha Upazila Agriculture Officer Shomoren Biswah said that so far, Vietnamese dragon fruit has been cultivated in 35 hectares of land in Chougachha upazila. Hakimpur, Patibila, Jagadishpur and Narayanpur unions have the highest number of dragon fruit farming in 11 unions and 1 municipality. Patibila, Hayatpur, Muktadah, Niamatpur, Petvara, Hazrakhana, This fruit has been cultivated in huge amount of lands in Narayanpur, Barakhanpur village.

There are huge dragon fruit trees hanging on cement poles and tires. Some trees are in the process of flowering, while many trees have dragon fruits. Farmers engaged in garden maintenance.

Shahabuddin, a dragon fruit farmer from Patibiliya village, said dragon fruits is a new crop for farmers in the region.Having been cultivating for a few years, many have become the owners of lakhs of taka by cultivating this fruit. He has cultivated dragon in 3 and a half bighas of land at Patibila field at a cost of around Tk 6 lakh.

Abu Saeed Raju of Narayanpur vilage said he has cultivated dragon fuit on one bigha of his land. He will start selling fruits from his garden next season.

Sahidur Rahman Badsha, a farmer from the same village, said that he has been cultivating dragon fruit since 2016. At present, he has cultivated dragon fruit in 10 bighas of land.

 Mithu of Singhajhuli village said he has cultivated dragon fruit in 15 bighas of land in Narayanpur village field. In 1 bigha of land, it takes about 900 pieces of pillars made of fortified cement to support the trees. On the ground of this pillar, a dragon fruit’s armor is attached to it. It costs 15 taka to buy a good quality dragon fruit cochlea. Each pillar is fitted with multiple coaches. When fruit bearing is started, 20 to 25 kg of fruit is obtained from each pillar in a season. If the market price is good, fruits can be sold for 4 to 5 thousand taka per pillar.­

He said dragon farming would increase with government patronage. Dragon fruit is very tasty to eat. This leafless fruit is round and red in color.

The origin of dragon fruit is in Thailand. This fruit came to Bangladesh from Thailand in 2007.