‘Commando’s shooting starts from Dec 28

Published : 19 Nov 2021 10:04 PM | Updated : 19 Nov 2021 10:04 PM

Tollywood Superstar Dev starrer first Bangladeshi film titled ‘Commando’s shooting will start from December 28 opposite Bangladeshi actress Zahara Mitu, directed by Shamim Ahmed Rani and produced by Shapla Media.

The shooting of the film titled 'Commando' started in India in mid-March 2020. The movie was shot in different locations in Kolkata. Due to Corona, after 11 days of filming the shooting stopped.

The first schedule of the film was expected to be in Thailand. Then, a major portion was supposed to have a France schedule. But following the global spread of coronavirus, the situation has changed completely with outdoor schedules are being canceled. However, this time it was known that the shooting of the whole film will be completed in this new lot.

Shapla Media chief Selim Khan said there were rumours about the film and shooting would not take place. Dev is also quite upset about the matter. "We want to start work on the rest of the film this year," he said. Will be shooting in Thailand and got the permission as well. After shooting in Bangkok we will come to Dhaka and shoot for four days, and then the shooting of this film will be done.

The shooting of the film will be completed in two consecutive weeks. Dev from India and Zahara Mitu from Bangladesh will go to Bangkok to take part in the shooting. They are the lead characters of the film. Although there were plans to shoot in Bangladesh in two phases in January and April this year, it was not possible due to the epidemic, said producer Selim Khan.