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Colleges also to remain open for first 15 days of Ramadan

Published : 10 Feb 2024 09:09 PM

The Ministry of Education mandates that regular class activities will continue from March 10 to March 24 in both government and private colleges during the upcoming Ramadan.

The first fifteen days of Ramadan will see secondary and lower secondary schools open, while primary schools will remain open for the first ten days. This information was previously announced. The ministry's department of secondary and higher education has issued directives for the colleges to continue their courses.

By directive of the President, this information was supplied in a circular signed by Khodeja Khatun, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education.

The notification states that a partial revision has been made to the list of holidays for the academic year 2024 AD. The decision has been made to keep up class activities for 15 days, from March 10 to March 24, in both government and private colleges.

By the way, the start of the holy month of Ramadan is contingent upon the sighting of the moon on March 11 or 12.